TripAdvisor Reviews for Coastal Tours of San Diego (2015-18)

The representative excerpts below are from actual reviews for Coastal Tours of San Diego on TripAdvisor since the inception of the business in 2015. Out of a total of 24 reviews through December 2016, 22 gave the highest rating of 5 stars, while the only other two gave a rating of 4 stars. The full text of these reviews can be viewed on the official TripAdvisor website by clicking here.

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“Anza Borrego desert tour” (5 stars)

  • I had an awesome time on the desert tour with Morty. I was picked up at my hotel right on time. We then drove out to the cute little gold mining town of Julian with a stop in Mamas for warm apple pie and cider. Morty showed me the interesting parts of the town and I got a glimpse at the cider press. From there we headed to Anza Borrego State Park. The drive offers amazing vistas. I got to hike Slot Canyon and on the way to Borrego Springs passed by sculptures of Monmouth and horses and a giant eagle. This trip was a true highlight. — Marita S (December 2016)

“A great day in and around San Diego” (5 stars)

  • Had a delightful day touring around the beaches of San Diego. So glad to have Morty doing the driving and parking for me! Lunch was a delicious restaurant called Saint Tropez. I look forward to going back to some of the places we saw so I can spending some time doing a little shopping. Emily M (December 2016)

“Fast paced, must be mobile, excellent tour” (5 stars)

  • First of all look at the picture of the van and where your head will be, and you will see why people are waving and laughing when you drive by. The van has no glass on the sides, which we found to be a rather excellent adventure. This was a fast-paced tour that covers a lot of area. When we finished, it was a WOW — did we see all that and had such a great time. Take a windbreaker if it is off season but the guide has blankets. — RazTazBC, Canada (November 2016)

“Great Day!” (5 stars)

  • This is a wonderful way to get a feel for all the different beach communities of San Diego, without all the hassles of navigating and parking. Morty makes it all a breeze while giving you tons of history and info. A truly delightful day. I learned lots even having been to SD before. Highly, highly recommend!! — Karen579, Hawaii (November 2016)

“Best Tour Ever!!!!!!” (5 stars)

  • First time to California, on my bucket list, the Pacific coastline. What a treat going to all the different beaches from Ocean Beach to Encinitas. One of my favorite spots was La Jolla and view from Torrey Pines watching the gliders go off the magnificent cliffs. This was not your typical tour, only six people on a FUN VAN… THANKS MORTY!!!! — BIC56, Florida (October 2016)

“Wonderful shore excursion of the coast!” (5 stars)

  • Personalized experience with a wonderful driver who knew the area and the incredible sites. A definite plus for going to out-of-the-way places and skirting around traffic. — Charles J (October 2016)

“Great way to see the coast” (5 stars)

  • Morty picked us up promptly at our hotel. We had four other people on the tour (the van has six passenger seats). We spent approximately seven hours seeing some of the key sites along the coast near San Diego. Having Morty drive and not having to worry about parking was a big plus. — travelforfun33, Wisconsin (October 2016)

“Super-Happy Day of Touring” (5 stars)

  • With Morty we had a lot of fun and saw lot of great areas, beaches, animals, botanical gardens, shopping possibilities (including the best coffees) along the coast. It was my first time in America and one of my best days! Thank you — Katrin L (September 2016)

“Coastal Tour of San Diego” (5 stars)

    • I booked this tour knowing I would have a full day before the flight back to the East Coast. I wanted to maximize my time and see as much as possible in 6-8 hours. Additionally, I wanted to learn more about the area in a relaxing and comfortable way.


  • The Coastal Tour of San Diego with Morty was an excellent choice. I have taken many group tours in the past, and this tour exceeded my expectations. The group had just the right amount of people — six — to make it a fun and comfortable experience. The bus was very spacious with open windows that didn’t obstruct the view while taking pictures and simply taking in the beauty of the surroundings during the ride. Every seat had a comfy blanket in case you get chilly during the ride with open windows. It seemed that Morty had thought of every little detail to make the ride enjoyable. When you are on a tour for 6 to 8 hours, these tiny details truly matter. One other important thing I would mention was a pre-planned sit-down lunch with a group. I really appreciated that we got to relax and enjoy a lunch of our choice in a nice place with an outside sitting instead of eating granola bars or, worse, chips — a frequent snack offered by other tour companies. This made a big difference — while we got to see a lot, the tour didn’t feel like an exhausting marathon.
  • Now, on to the actual sightseeing — Marty compiled a truly unique and memorable set of landmarks as part of his program. He was very knowledgeable about the places we visited and allowed some time for us to peruse on our own. I could not have possibly seen so much in such little time, from Cabrillo National Monument and Old Point Loma Lighthouse to Crystal Pier on the Pacific Beach, with cute cottages serving as a hotel since 1930, to the famous Swami’s Break, an internationally known surfing spot, to Solana Beach and La Jolla to Del Mar. I fell in love with the coast of San Diego, and would love to come back and explore these spots in greater detail.


  • Thank you, Morty, for a wonderful tour! — MariafromBoston17, Massachusetts (August 2016)

“Great Day of Touring” (5 stars)

  • We had a fun and unique day… Morty was a great tour guide. I had been to San Diego two times before this trip and I saw several places I had not ever visited before or even knew existed. Morty covers a lot of territory and really showcases all of the many things that the area has to offer… Definitely worth the time and money. — WisconsinCubfan, Wisconsin (August 2016)

“Coastal Tours day tour” (5 stars)

  • Morty went out of his way to make sure my husband, teenage daughter and I saw the beach highlights and other areas of interest. There were so many things we did not know about and we had a great lunch. He also recommended some other things for us to see and do in San Diego. Highly recommend this tour. — dshardin, Texas (August 2016)

“Unique tour that was a lot of fun” (5 stars)

  • Great way to see areas outside of downtown San Diego that you wouldn’t otherwise get to see without a car. And even if you had one, you probably wouldn’t be able to find the little gems of spaces Morty introduces you to. I asked for dessert after a yummy fish taco lunch at The Fish Shop in Encinitas and he didn’t disappoint. Chuao Chocolatier was delish! Open window van with fun decorative exterior was a unique twist and the plush blankets to keep you warm in the wind, plus the water and snack, what more could you ask for?!? — pinapeanut, New York (August 2016)

“Awesome coastal tour” (5 stars)

  • Absolutely fantastic tour. Marty went out of his way to accommodate my husband and I to the max… [C]ould not have enjoyed our trip more. Highly recommend it. — Jacqueline R (July 2016)

“Perfect San Diego tour” (5 stars)

  • Morty was an excellent tour guide. Enjoyed all the stops along the way to Encinates and back. A great way to travel along the coast in the open air van. Tour is small and intimate which was perfect. Highly recommend, great way to see many different areas. Kept us busy all day which was great. — Ljwjjw, Texas (June 2016)

“Best tour!” (5 stars)

  • We loved Morty’s tour. One of the highlights of our trip. We saw so much more than we otherwise could have. A great way to see so much of San Diego and its surrounds. The bus is super comfortable and we enjoyed every aspect of this tour. I highly recommend! — Bronwyn127, Australia (June 2016)

“Perfect tour to take!” (5 stars)

  • Morty is a great guy… This tour was perfect because you got to see a little bit of everything. I would recommend this trip. Thanks Morty for all the info and it was a great tour! — baileyoirish, Connecticut (May 2016)

“Great tour” (5 stars)

  • Morty was very informative… We felt that we definitely got our money’s worth… — alw791, South Carolina (April 2016)

“First Time in San Diego — this tour is for you” (4 stars)

  • If this is your first time in San Diego the Coastal Tours is for you… Sit back in some nice Captain’s chairs and let Morty doing the drive in a unique character-designed van… This is a perfect tour for the 40 plus crowd — you see a lot and then you can plan your San Diego experience around these places you have seen. — Sykodad, Michigan (April 2016)

“For All Beach Lovers!” (5 stars)

  • This is an awesome tour for all beach lovers! Lots of selfie opportunities. Marty was a very accommodating professional. He even picks you up from your hotel, prevents the need for parking. — mllopezv, North Carolina (March 2016)

“An Absolute Must!” (5 stars)

  • This tour was by far the best of all the tours we took in San Diego. Morty was unbelievable! He catered the tour to our needs, covered the best spots of the San Diego coast, stopped off at some incredible spots for sights, lunch, and treats. To really get a sense of San Diego — the beauty, the culture — this is the tour to take. Don’t hesitate! — Rick B, Massachusetts (March 2016)

“Awesome coastal tour!” (5 stars)

  • Morty gave us a wonderful tour of the beach towns. He was very accommodating and customized the tour along with adjusting for weather conditions. We were able to enjoy the beauty of the coastal drive without having to worry about traffic! — Nanasue51, Illinois (February, 2016)

“Great tour of San Diego area beach communities” (5 stars)

  • Very relaxed, very informative tour in a great van with giant glassless windows — perfect for picture taking. We were all one group, so Morty was able to customize according to our wishes. The sights, restaurants and bars of the coastal communities north of SD are not to be missed. — Lschaefer1, California (August 2015)

“West Coast Hospitality and more….!!” (5 stars)

  • We had a great tour. It was really nice to just enjoy and let someone else do the driving. It was so beautiful. Morty our tour guide was really knowledgeable and went the extra mile making us comfortable. A Great Time. Thanks… — William U, Canada (July 2015)

“San Diego Coastal Tour” (4 stars)

  • We had a great time with Morty! Great access to sites that might have been overlooked otherwise! The new van offered great views and plenty of room! Morty was a great host! — D P P, Ohio (August 2015)

The full text of these reviews can be viewed on the official TripAdvisor website by clicking here.